‘In Praise Of The Shadow’ - A fashion film that revolves around duality, the alter-ego, mental health, and the peaks and pits we experience in life. it emphasizes the true image of who we are, how we present ourselves to the world, and the parts within us that we hide in the shadows. 
Starring Awut Tang
 Writer & Director: Effy Kawira
BTS/PA: Awa Mally
Cinematographers, Editors: Charles Fatunbi, Justin Blake Photography: Katra Ziyad, Euene Langlois Wardrobe/Styling: Mimi Giek, EB Umana Makeup: Sumaya Keynan Hair: Stephanie Morande Narrated by Oceane Thea Original Score: Zak Khan Lyrics/vocals: Doechii Mastered: Alec Ness

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