Awa Mally
Awa Mally is a driven artist and creative striving to make meaningful work. She aims to reflect the truth of her photographic subjects and the depth of their lives lived. Awa is known for her photography and creative vision on production sets and is sought out by local directors and producers within the Twin Cities. 
Cities in Bloom (Book), The View,  Minneapolis, MN (2020)
A$AP FERG Floor Seats Tour, Culture Piece Magazine (2019)
CREATURE, Izzy Commers, Public Functionary (2018)

Cities in Bloom (Exhibition & Auction), The View,  Minneapolis, MN (2020)
'NO CEILINGS' Group Art Exhibition, New Rules, Minneapolis, MN (2018)
AGELESS, Simone Willians,New Rules, Minneapolis, MN (2017)
R.A.W POP-UP Show , Licorice Beach, Minneapolis, MN (2016)
The Pop Out, The Martha Bennet Gallery, Minnepolis, MN (2016)

Digi Tech/Assistant
The Blacker the Berry A/W19, Hoodies, Bobby Rogers (2020)
Dizzy Fae for Whitney Museum, Bobby Rogers (2020)
HandsOn Twin Cities, Video Ad, Chris McDuffie (2019)
In Praise Of The Shadow, Effy Kawira (2019)
BlackOut Eid For Paper Magazine, Bobby Rogers (2019)
Kawira Resort '19, Effy Kawira, 2019
When A Fire Starts To Burn, Bobby Rogers (2018)

Gilbert Sausages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,